Carrier 24APA5 15 SEER Air Conditioner Review

by admin on March 11, 2012

Carrier manufactures a wide range of air conditioners that are known to operate efficiently. The Carrier 24APA5 Air Conditioner model is one of their superior products that come under the company’s performance series. This unit has many important features that make it very effective in matters of cooling thus ensuring the consumer is kept comfortable.

Features of the Carrier 24 APA5 Air Conditioner

This unit is a single stage cooling capacity model that comes with an efficiency rating of 15 SEER meaning it has been certified by energy star.  Most consumers like this product because it produces minimal sounds of about 66 db when operating. Such low noise levels are achieved by the Silencer system II technology that is composed of the compressor sound blanket, the exclusive silencer top design, the variable speed outdoor condenser fan , the quiet mount split post compressor grommets and the forward swept condenser fan blade. This model is compatible with infinity control that works together with the thermostat or the thermidistat for precise temperature and humidity controls. This model allows for easy fault detection because of the fourteen point diagnostic capability and it also uses the puron refrigerant that is known for being environmentally friendly. It uses the scroll compressor protected by pressure switches making it very durable. Apart from the features above this unit comes with a 16 cu. in. filter drier, the loss of charge switch, the internal thermal overload, the back seating service valves and the internal pressure relief valve to improve its performance levels. All the internal components are covered by a galvanized steel cabinet which has a layer of powder paint baked on it to prevent corrosion.

The cons of this unit

The Carrier 24APA5 Air Conditioner works perfectly with no reported case of malfunction. Problems with this unit result from improper installation and wrong sizing. Also you have to match it with the right components.

Carrier 24APA5 Price

The Carrier 24APA5 Air Conditioner can be bought online or from the carrier dealer close to you. Before selecting a dealer you have to check and ensure that he offers the best prices for installation services. On average this model goes for about $ 1529 which is not high given its high efficiency levels. This product is covered by a ten year warranty. You have to register the product for the warranty to be valid.

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