Best Central Air Conditioner 2012

by admin on April 17, 2012

Consumer habits are changing in a world that is highly competitive and with it come the needs and wants of the ever discerning consumer who wants to have nothing but the best. When it comes to good value for money, it includes pricing that needs to be reasonable. Buying an air conditioner at low cost won’t serve the purpose in the long term. At some point you will have to either go in for major repairs, or you will end up replacing it with a more expensive one which will cost more. Add all the costs to it and you will find that you have paid far more than you budgeted.

The iQ Drive central air conditioning system manufactured by Maytag under the M1200 Series that has a 24.5 SEER rating is a good unit but is far beyond the reach of the consumer as it is priced very high. Even thought the technology that is used by Maytag is to suit the current needs of the consumer. The price factor keeps the consumer at bay.

Types of Efficiency needs of the consumer

In a highly competitive market for air conditioners, there are so many central air conditioning systems on offer that are real value for money. The levels and type of efficiency that is generally needed by the consumer can be categorized as:

13 SEER to 15 SEER        :      Efficiency Level:         Standard

16 SEER to 18 SEER        :      Efficiency Level:           Mid

19 SEER and above          :      Efficiency Level:           Very High

Economically priced Central Air Conditioner Systems with Standard Efficiency

The standard efficiency central air conditioning systems are better suited for installation where the climate is cooler. If the model is within the range of between 13 SEER to 15 SEER then ideally the consumption of electricity is very low. Since these central air conditioners are not in use all the time it is ideal for the usage in workshops, or cottages and cabins.

Two models in particular are highlighted as the Best Air conditioners for the year 2012. That is the:

1.      Trane Central Air conditioner Model Number XR13-High Efficiency.

It comes with 14 SEER and the model is single stage. The operation of the unit is basic and the price is affordable and economical as well.

Brief history about the Trane Company

Trane is a market leader in central air conditioning units and the Climatuff compressor is known to be one of the best in the industry. The service record of the company is extremely good and the product warranty is given for 10 years.

2.   York 15 SEER central air conditioner -Affinity Series Model Number CZE

York model CZE, 15 SEER central air conditioner that comes under the York Affinity Series is known to be in the front line of the consumer. With the efficiency of 15 SEER this model is reasonable priced and the energy cost is kept under control during cool and mild climates. The temperature is well balanced since it has a two stage operational function. Reducing of the humidity levels in the home is better achieved if the unit can be paired with a York variable speed blower. This will enhance removal of humidity.

Brief history of the York Company

The company has been in the field of manufacturing quality products to the consumers and is popular among many due to the very versatile products in the comfort industry. They are well accepted as a brand and they offer a 10 year warranty on all the components which is considered to be the best in comparison to other models of the same specifications.

Types of Mid Efficiency and High Efficiency central air conditioners that are economically priced.

The listed models can be categorized as being the best out of the best. The distinction goes to the brands:

1.      Dave Lennox

2.      Carrier

3.      Heil

4.      Goodman

5.      American Standard

With air conditioners, the competition is extremely stiff so the 3 systems that are listed for the consumer will give an indication that the selected items are the best in the industry and can be rated as the top 3. Air conditioners within the range of 16 SEER to 18 SEER will function quite well in any type of climate.

1. Dave Lennox XC16 central air conditioner- Elite Series

This model can be known as the second best model of Dave Lennox under the prestigious Signature series. It comes with 17.2 SEER efficiency and is designed to give outstanding indoor comfort. Equipped with a 2 stage scroll compressor it runs low almost always. With Longer and much lower cycles it is precise in the control of indoor comfort giving balanced humidity and temperature levels.


2. Carrier Model 24APA7 Performance Series central air conditioner

Carrier Performance series is priced economically and in comparison to the Infinity Series that can be higher, this model is a very versatile one. It comes with a 18 SEER rating and is almost equal to the Infinity Series models. The cooling costs are much lower and you save about forty percent if it is a replacement for an existing unit.

3.   Heil Model Number DXT+QuietComfort central air conditioner

With a 2 stage Copeland scroll compressor which is the best in the industry it offers 18 Seer efficiency.

High Efficiency Central Air conditioning systems

1.      Goodman R-410A Refrigerant- Model DSXC18 18 SEER–central air conditioner:

This unit is 18 SEER and has a Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor that has a very high rating. They have an excellent service record. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is the best in the business.

2.      American ZM Allegiance 20- Standard Platinum central air conditioner:

This model comes with 20 SEER efficiency and has components that are lifetime. It comes with 2 compressors and maintains indoor comfort with one while the other boosts cooling. It has AccuLink controls that coordinate compressor operation. Energy consumption is cut down by almost fifty percent.

The listed models are by far the best in the industry for 2012 and can be taken as an accurate guide when purchasing the required efficiency needed.


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